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Furniture Market Report - Fall 2013 - Current & Future Trends!

las vegas furniture marketI (barely) survived 2013 Fall Furniture Market in Vegas last week; here is my report back:


Refined Rustic, and Reclaimed - This continues to be popular for many reasons:

  • "Green" feeling good about reusing wood and natural materials
  • Refined Rustic allows buyers to use their furntiure, rather than worrying about a pending inperfection
  • Rustic & Reclaimed Furniture has a "story" to it - history that can be romanced

Mixing Collections - not "matchy-matchy" with all your rooms' pieces - mix it up, and live it up!

Globally-Inspired Furniture - Who DOESN'T want to feel like they are on vacation when paying bills at their Dining Room table...?

Multi-Functional Pieces - consoles that can be Media Consoles, Foyer Tables, Buffets....allows clients to personalize the use and adapt the piece if they move.

Mixed Media - Still seeing lots of metal/wood combinations, best of both worlds!


'60s Vibe - Mid-Century Modern - we're already seeing this trend in remodels in Central Phoenix!  

India Imports - Huge supplier - VERY high-quality work; solid woods, heirloom quality pieces

Luxury Design with Reclaimed Wood - Reclaimed isn't going away any time soon....!   We saw a LOT of high-end pieces made from reclaimed wood, so get used to it if you don't love it!

Less is More - Earth tones and simple design; uncluttered, clean pieces that can be dressed up with accessories, or left alone for more of a "Spa" feel.

We are seeing more and more light wood stains making a come-back; even some white-wash, which - I'm sorry - I'll never get on-board with!  

Furniture Market prohibits photos inside the showrooms, but keep your eyes open in the next few months for the "Future Trends" to start showing up in stores near you!

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